Corporate Introduction

Dynachem has been agency of engineering plastic materials for Japanese leading manufacturers since it was established in 1981. Back to then, we provided clients with required engineering plastics and wide-range information about engineering plastics in current market. These resources contributed to the prosperity of many players in the I.T. industry in Taiwan at that time, driving the developments of electronics, automobile and electronic appliance industries. Dynachem commits our passion and professional skill sets to serve our clients and grows our business steadily every year.

In response to the rapid growth of mainland China, Dynachem opened associate offices at Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou to keep our principles of serving clients with tightly-connected supply channels.

To strengthen Dynachem's business portfolio, we begun to expand our business field into engineering plastic manufacturing by commencing our Linko factory at Taoyuan City in 1993. We invited experienced specialists from Japan to assist us to manufacture the composite engineering plastics. At the same time, we built up our brand, Dynacom, aiming for a consolidated brand by facilitating advanced technology which enables us to lower the costs and to enhance our products quality. With the vision, we began technical corporation with Teijin Chemical Ltd., Japan in 1995 to develop a range of high performance compounding materials in response to the growing demands from various industries. Based on our solid expertise, Dynachem established the Dynachisso Thai CO.,Ltd. with Chisso Corporation, Japan at Chonburi City, Thailand in 2000, following the establishment of Dynachem Shanghai composite plastics Ltd. in 2002 to accomplish our mission: providing our clients the best service and highest quality products.